Nov 05 2012

Hurricane Sandy Aftermath – Insurance Discussion

Myth: It’s virtually impossible to find an insurance company that will write an insurance policy for your ATM company.

Fact: Absolutely not true. Mark my words, Hurricane Sandy will have every ATM company in the northeast re-evaluate their risk management solutions.  The amount of hardware and cash lose for this storm is incredibly high.  Every ATM company should put insurance safe guards in place for their top performing atm machines (at a minimum).

Now, this sort of conversation does not speak to ATM companies that utilize armor car with insured money (as this is generally built into the fees). But for those without it, get it a policy written that covers the cash in the machines. I wouldn’t bother with the hardware (as generally the cash lose verses the hardware lose is at least 5x more).

May 10 2011

Incorporate ATM Advertising Into Your Revenue Stream

When you talk to anyone in the media buying space, ATM advertising means “advertisements on the back of ATM receipts”. As we all know, that is so 1990s. Many of the modern day ATM machines have a vibrant colorful screen that displays advertisers. The one major negative with this is simple: it only captures someone who is using the machine!

In the ad buying world, it all comes down to impressions and eyeballs. If you’re machine average 250 total transactions, then only 250 people will view the ad (in the a media buyer’s eyes). Now, if you incorporate digital signage ON TOP of the atm machine, you increase your chance dramatically of getting additional revenue.

Learn more about atm advertising with You might be able to incorporate their model into your ATM route.

Apr 05 2011

Is it Time for You to Use a Cash Provider?

Ask any new person in the ATM business, and their #1 question is “How do I get locations”. You ask a seasoned vet in the ATM business, you get “How do I get cash for my machines”. This by far, is the biggest hurdle for growth. Well, there is a solution, if your ATMs qualify.

What if I told you WE can be your cash provider for $1 a transaction? The entire issue with “not having enough money for the machines” goes away. You’d be a bit excited right?


  • Cost: $1 per transaction OR $400 minimum per atm (whichever is GREATER)
  • All your locks need to be CENCON locks (since all money will be sent via armor car). If you need to get these locks, they can cost anywhere from $600-$900 for the lock and installation
  • Processing – You will need to transfer your processing to the company providing the vault cash. You would get a buy rate of .20 all the way down to .12, depending upon how high your transaction count is
  • Escrow – 1.5 months of costs need to be put in escrow
  • Outside of the cash, you still service the machine (paper jams, reports, etc)


You have an ATM in Atlanta doing 300 transactions a month at $2, you pay the store owner $100/mo flat fee. Chances are, you go through about 15k a month on this machine. That money is now all yours (freeing up cash flow to grow your business). Your existing profit was $500, plus the cost of your 15k (plus travel, expenses, headaches, etc).  Now, if you paid us the cost of being your vault cash provider, you still profit $100 a month, plus a percentage of the back-end.

Key Points

  • If you need cash flow (for whatever reason), this is bar none the best option
  • If you have locations that don’t qualify (making at least $500/mo), don’t even bother!

So is this for you? As with anything in the atm business, each situation is different. The details above are general guidelines that we go by to provide vault cash to ATM businesses
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Oct 02 2010

Manage Your Risk When Buying ATM Locations

The entire atm business is one simple excel sheet with maybe 6 rows in it. That’s the case if you are just looking at the basics. When you start dealing with all the non financial variables, you’ll quickly start lowering the valuation of the deal.

In terms of maximizing the deal for the buyer AND the seller, you need to purchase routes where you are local to the area. Once you start purchasing locations that are not close, you start incurring costs of doing business that will devalue the deal for you and the buyer. What many sellers forget is that their bottom line number will be different than the buyers. If its not tilted in the buyers favor, the deal falls apart. Furthermore, in the atm business, there are naturally more potential buyers than sellers (the keyword is potential). Sometimes a simple lock on the atm (changing over manual locks to elocks for instance) can be enough to through a sale off.

At the end of the day, the buyer has the power when buying atm portfolios. The biggest mistake an ATM seller makes is simple, they never created their businesses with an exit strategy. As a result, the buyer can easily find holes that will enable him to lower the valuation, if you know where to look!

It all comes down to mitigating risk, and within the atm business (especially from the buy side), that’s my specialty!

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Apr 17 2010

We can be your Vault Cash ATM Provider – if You Qualify

The key to growing in the atm business is simply CASH FLOW! Without it, you will be stuck with assets that you can not fill with cash.  Making things worse is the inability to have access to vault cash within the atm business. That leaves many companies to only deal in local markets (to cut down on costs). Furthermore, it doesn’t allow you to grow.

One way to continue the growth is to use companies that offer vault cash services. Here’s an example:

You have an atm location that does 250 transactions a month @ $2 surcharge ($500). You pay the store owner .50 transaction ($125). Assume your buyrate is .10 and you get .30 ($75) on the backend (hopefully you are getting at least this amount, if not contact me asap so I can slap you! After that I can point you in the proper direction)

So from our example above you have a profit of $450. Now depending on your cash flow situation, you are either using your own money or borrowing it at an interest rate.  Throw in time, commute costs, or even armor car costs, your profits are dwindling.  Additionally, and more importantly, this is hindering your growth.

Read more about vault cash here.

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Apr 17 2010

Are you an ATM Company looking to sell atm location or route?

A few years ago, there were many individuals and companies looking to buy atm locations. Some were new to the atm business, while others were looking to expand their existing portfolio. Problem back then, there were too many buyers,  not enough sellers. Fast forward to mid April 2010, and an interesting shift has occurred.

Access to cash has dried up, causing many atm companies to freeze any sort of growth. In many instances, ATM companies needed to sell off assets and locations to continue operations. As the strong continue to hold their own, there are a select few that are looking to capitalize in the market shift.

Are you an individual with an atm location looking to sell off the location? Maybe you have a few locations that you are looking to sell? Or even a full fledged atm company that is looking to sell off a atm route. The ATM market is an extremely illiquid market these days. The key is having access to the few buyers out there  in your portfolio strategy.

Given this, I propose to you the following. If you are looking to sell off one or 500 atm locations, I have an atm company HIGHLY interested on moving forward. If this is something of serious interest, feel free to contact me at below.

You will receive a reply within 24 hours. Within your reply please include a high level overview of what you are trying to accomplish (example: I want to sell off my 10 location in Chicago)

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Jan 05 2010

Staying Local Will Save You in the End

Many times, atm companies try to expand by going beyond their immediate radius. While the intentions are great, many times in the end it doesnt become worth it.

For many, an atm location that just does 100 transaction a month isnt worth it. Unless of course you have 50 100 transaction locations all within a 10 mile radius. You can try to grow and get a 250 transaction a month location, but if your footprint is insignificant, you wind up selling the atm location (or worse yet yank the machine to not deal with the headache)..

Since most atm companies do not use armor car, you better off sticking with the local formula. Only grown beyond your radius if you have someone that is a RELIABLE tech and TRUSTWORTHY to deliver cash

Nov 30 2009

ATM Locators are in High Demand

Atm companies are always looking for new locations. One area that is growing in popularity is being an atm locator. An atm locator is someone that know of local businesses that are in need of free atm placements. The locator feels the owner out, and gets a verbal or written commitment. This agreement is then turned over to the atm company. For each location, a locator can earn a couple hundred bucks! Think, if you do a couple a week just from talking to people, you can easily earn $1500-2000 week!

Jul 09 2009

Is ATM Insurance Worth It

As an atm owner grows, there comes a time when he needs more cash to grow. He’ll try outside investors at first, but many will eventually hit a wall. Combining this with bank funds, brings into question ” Should I be getting insurance on my cash vault”.

The one area that should be looked at is, where does most of your profit come from. If you have 100 machines, and 50% of your revenues come from 10% of your location, then you might want to heavily consider insuring that 10%. Its obvious to say that you shouldnt be insuring machines that are at the low end of your profit margins. Just dont make the mistake of putting a one month cash load on the machine (at least in areas where the risk profile is higher)!

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Jul 06 2009

ATM Signage Going High Tech

Everyone in the atm business understands the importance of signs. While many go with $5 Currogated Signs,  many others use the bright LED Signs. As the market have various saturation points, we are seeing many atm owners utilize monitors to grab the attention of the user.

ATM owners need to think outside the box to get the foottraffic that already exists. Signs that are different will grab the attention of the foot traffic. As an ATM owner, you can even convince the store owner that the importants of ATM Digital Signs will increase foot traffic in his store as well. As a result, you become an even stronger partner with the store owner. In a business where deals are done with a handshake, make sure you are able to grow the store owners business with your knowledge and expertise. In the end, you will both win!

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